Bowmanville based photographer specializing in outdoor family portraits & weddings. Pets, nature/wildlife, and concert photography enthusiast as well!

A Bit About Me

I am 34 years old and live in Bowmanville, On with my wonderful husband, Bryan Rason, and our three cats - Kaspurr, Babie and Dean. My work experience is in clerical/admin but I am grateful to have been running my photography business for eight years now.

Music has always been my biggest passion and growing up I was fortunate to attend countless concerts which is where my interest in photography really began. I wholeheartedly believe that music makes the world a better place. Admittedly I am a fangirl of not only many musicians but also Disney movies, Star Trek, and Broadway shows. 

Animals have a special place in my heart. I always encourage clients to include furry family members in sessions and enjoy spending time taking nature photos of all kinds.